14 Galleries, 3 Stoplights and a Dream

After much dreaming, reading and lots of planning, I have made some big changes in my life: The golden handcuffs known as consulting are off and I got out of New England. This might seem like a crazy move but the universe told me it was the right time for a change and I listened.

I have gone from a classic five-room condo in Somerville, MA to a 4400+ acre homestead in Montana with a beautiful cabin as my home, seven horses as my neighbors and the Absaroka Mountain range as my backdrop. We are not completely isolated from the world being about 8 miles from downtown Livingston, captured beautifully here by C. David Swanson, a local artist:

Fun facts and observations about life around here thus far:

  • Livingston has 14 Galleries, 3 Stoplights, a ton of coffee houses, 2 bookstores and the cleanest air in the Rockies.
  • Horses are friendly, really like oats and love being brushed.
  • There is no light pollution and the stars are beautiful.
  • Second Street Bistro is a yummy restaurant with amazing cocktails and a commitment to using local and organic ingredients. This is one of many yummy restaurants, my new No 9 Park.
  • If you haven’t finished your drink but need to leave, no worries! You can take it in a to go cup. That’s right folks, this is not a typo.
  • Speaking of booze, you can buy wine ANYWHERE and as early as 9am, even on Sundays. And, oh, there is no open container law.
  • Everybody has a dog (or 3) and a BIG truck. That includes me now.
  • The Farmers market is a TRUE event that people talk about excitedly.
  • The locals are friendly, interesting and thus far, a bit crazier than moi.

So tell me, have you made some changes lately? Small or big, if it is making you happy, give me your story, I wanna hear it.

Until my next blog, people. This cowgirl has got to go ride a horse!


17 thoughts on “14 Galleries, 3 Stoplights and a Dream

  1. Rosanna! I am so happy for you…maybe this even calls for a visit if you’ll let me ride horseys!! I actually envy you…it’s a hard decision to get out of big city life, but I think it will truly bring you all the happiness in the world – especially with to-go alcohol cups. Love, Marie

    • Thanks Marie! You NEED to come out here and we could have a GREAT girls weekend! Just say the word, we are back from our vacation after July 15th and then the de la Teeters guest house is open! xoxox ryd

  2. I’m no sports fan, as you know, but one of my favorite quotes is courtesy of Wayne Gretsky. Years ago, he was credited with saying “you miss 100% of the shots you never take.” I think that it is truly a great thing that you are following your bliss and taking a shot at Montana. Guess what? If you love it, stay. If you hate it, leave. The point is to be open to the experience. The chaos of Boston will always be here, when and if you decide that you want to be a part of it again, and I am almost certain that the draw of the simplicity of life and the absolute awesomeness of the De La Teeters, will bring a little bit of Boston your way soon!

    • Thanks Doll, what an awesome message to wake up to today. We can’t wait to see you guys! Hope you had a great B-day sugar tits. xoxox ryd

  3. Hey, I just wikipedia’d Montana to learn more, and here is what it says:

    Montana has several nicknames, none official,[3] including: “The Treasure State,” “Murph” and “Big Sky Country,” and slogans that include “Land where man and beast enjoy each other’s company,” and more recently, “Luna’s new stomping grounds.” The state ranks fourth in area, but in a numerical quirk, 439rd in population, slightly behind a group of homeless men on a NYC street corner. The economy is primarily based on ranching, ranch dressing, alcoholism, latently gay lumberjacks, tourism (mostly people going to hook-up with latently gay lumberjacks), and stripper mining in the west. Millions of tourists annually visit Really Cold Mountain with Ice on Top National Park, and the undersea Battle of Little Bighorn. Montana is bordered by the god-forasaken Canadian province of British Columbia, on the north, a bunch of potato-loving-right-wing lunatics on the west, a big pile of dirt we romantially call Wyoming on the south and Fanning Dakota on the east.

    • OMG, this is the BEST description of Montana ever. Jim and I were dying. We can’t wait to see you here in but, the land of Meth heads!

  4. Congratulations Rosanna! When life tells you that a change is needed, you have to listen to its call.

    Follow your bliss and be happy. I wish all of you the best!

    • Thanks so much Gail! And how is your dream coming along? Do you love creative hair cutting as much still? I hope so! xoxo

  5. Rosanna! I hope you don’t mind – found your wonderful blog through Fbook, and am fascinated – particularly by the horsey elements. This is insanely wonderful! I’m linking you through my blog as long as you’re down. Let me know! Alannah


    • Thanks Alannah for reading and linking me on your blog! How are you? I love your blog, fun! I am just getting into this and must admit that I am not the most technical person so thanks for teaching me about linking! Life is great here in Montana and I am psyched to share it with everyone. Hope you are healthy and happy. RYD

      • I’m fantastic, thanks! Just finishing up school – I’m getting a dual masters (counseling/sports psych and nutrition) – shortly I’ll be a therapist, focusing on working with eating disordered athletes. I would LOVE to hear more about the horses – you own now? This is my personal vision of bliss, and totally agree with your post on sleep – I’m a full eight hours kind of girl now and love my 9:30 – 5:30 (kicked off by a half hour in bed with a book – awesome).

  6. Congratulation on making that big courageous move Rosanna! You and Jim will have such a happy wonderful life in Montana. I am going to love reading your blog and will enjoy reading all of your new experiences in this beautiful area of the country. I will miss you terribly but know you are just a plane ride, email and phone call away. Lots of love and success in this new chapter!

    • You are so good to me! I can’t wait to have you out here. This place is amazing!!!! Big Hug, xoxoxox ryd

  7. Rosanna,

    this post just made my day! i got here after laughing myself silly over your new LinkedIN profile. You are one amazing woman. Hope to see you one day soon.

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