Sleep, just do it!

I heard a great story today on NPR re: sleep and the benefits derived from this great activity. We all know that a good night’s sleep will in every way be a positive thing…so why do we not sleep enough? How have we been convinced to forsake a healthy habit that is really, for the most part, in our control? For me, the reasons have varied: work, life, finishing a new book, wasting time online, etc, etc.  Since meeting the husband, I have started to sleep more, I have gone to bed super early (7 ish.) I got to say, I feel great.  Some benefits I’ve noticed:

  • I feel rested and jump out of bed excited to size the day
  • I am happier in the morning
  • I look younger and no longer have bags under my eyes
  • I drink coffee as a habit, not because I have to

So,  if sleeping 7-10 hours a night makes you smarter, more productive, more attractive and healthier, why don’t folks just do it? Here is a challenge: experiment for a week and see what happens.  How would your life change if you slept seven hours versus five, nine hours versus six?  Take the sleep challenge and report back, I’d love to hear what happens.

Until next time folks, this cowgirl has to go get some zzzzzzzzzzzz.


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