Top 10 Reasons Why I Still LOVE Barack Obama

I am writing this in response to the negative talk regarding our president. I am a firm believer in freedom of speech but I am sick of Obama bashing. While I agree that the man is NOT perfect, he is 500 times better than the last president. W polluted the white house with his presence, anti-American policies and shamed our country around the world with his stupidity and ineptitude. It needs to be said that Obama inherited the biggest mess the U.S. has ever had to deal with since the depression. He can only do so much and all his actions will take time to show their impact. Let’s be real: Clinton presided and contributed over the longest prosperity this country has experienced. It took Bush about 8 years to fuck everything up. It will take Obama a bit longer than 18 m0nths to make a mark and turn things around.

So, I still like him and will vote for him again when the time comes around. In the meantime,  below are my reasons for still loving President Obama:

1. Obama has appointed two FANTASTIC Supreme Court Justices. Both female, one a wise Latina;

2. He has passed Universal Healthcare and I for one am glad he did. It is a good beginning;

3. He passed the most sweeping Financial reform legislation since the Great Depression. This includes the creation of a  Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection to assure the little guys are not chewed and spit out by our esteemed banks;

4. Obama has worked tirelessly to Prevent a 2nd Great Depression by passing a significant stimulus package that has positively impacted many Americans. The majority of economists say that the nation had a high chance of slipping in to a Depression had Obama’s stimulus not been passed.  For example, $21 billion of the stimulus package was made available to laid off workers to help them keep their employer-provided health insurance through COBRA.  This means that 65% ( in our case $685 a month!) of our  health insurance premiums are covered by the former employer who laid off that worker. A victory for the little people and if this is socialism, GIVE ME MORE!

5. Obama knows about email and uses it! But seriously, his work on updating technology in the government sector as a whole goes WAY beyond what all past presidents have done or attempted to do. That is progress of a kind no-one really thinks of every day;

6. Ending the war in Iraq. Pulling U.S. troops out as fast as possible. Enough said;

7. Obama passed legislation to curb greenhouse gases. And he did not stop there,  folks! He also passed the Nuclear non-proliferation agreement;

8. Repairing Our Image Internationally. Just think about all the shit Bush did during his eight years of terror. While Obama has a long way to go in rectifying the results of this, we no longer seem to be dissed at every turn, internationally speaking.

9. Lifted the stupid Bush restrictions on embryonic stem cell research & he has reversed W’s ban on federal funding to foreign organizations that allow abortions. Yes, this is important to me and should be to anyone concerned with woman’s rights, independence and  ability to drive life in the direction that we women want and choose ;

10. He is still handsome, despite the new gray hairs! But seriously, it seems that despite all the craziness around him, Obama still makes time to be a human being and enjoy his beautiful family.

What do you think Obama has done or NOT done during the last two years? I welcome your fair and balanced opinions backed by facts. 🙂


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