Product Review: Nespresso Aeroccino Plus

My sister gave me a great milk steamer/frother by Nespresso, the Aeroccino. I confess I fell in LOVE with it. I have always preferred a stand alone steamer to one attached to a coffeemaker. Especially since I only want to make enough steamed milk (or cream!) for one person at a time.  The Nespresso Aeroccino has ended up being the best steamer I have ever used.

A few days ago I went to use my trusty Aeroccino and it would not work. Who knows why but it put a HUGE crimp in my style that morning. I decided to call the manufacturer to see what I could do about this, or more importantly, what they could do for me. A representative took my information down, from how I used and cleaned the unit to who often I used it to my home address. He then told me he would be mailing me a replacement within 24 hours and would I kindly recycle the top part of the unit. I was floored. In my experience, very few companies give replacements away so readily (the exception to that rule being Apple, Inc.) You are more likely to have success with a return if you go to a retailer selling the product. The fact that I did not engage in an emotionally exasperating conversation was just refreshing from a consumer’s point of view and it has made me a total brand enthusiast.

Anyhow, within two days of calling Nespresso, I received a replacement.

Not only did they replace the machine, but they sent me the Aeroccino PLUS, a clear upgrade to what I had. The machine is just fantastic, it features an easy, the choice of cold or hot frothing and one-button operation. The froth is so perfect, the function is so seamless and elegant, it really has upstaged my husband, the dogs AND the kittens. Yes, I love my Aeroccino PLUS and I think you will too.

For more reviews about this product, click here. You can watch a very enthusiastic video review by lovely Krizia of EatSmartAgeSmart fame.  You may buy the product here.


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