Quote of the day via Meredith Vaughan – Let’s be nice for a change.

I read a great blog article by Meredith Vaughan of  Vladimir Jones Ad Agency,via AdAge’s Small Agency Diary. It was call for folks to be nicer to each other within the AdAgency world. I was particularly struck by the following paragraph, which applies to everyone I think:

“I think it’s time we stop bickering, back-stabbing, and [the] mean-spiritedness that seems to have overtaken the industry. There are no cameras rolling, and it is doubtful that a reality-TV producer will be calling any time soon. Being competitive does not mean we have to be cutthroat. It’s time to examine what’s really important.”

This SO needs to happen. I often hear from candidates and colleagues how difficult it is to work in today’s corporate climate:

  • how exhausting it is to manage up to the egos in charge;
  • how people lie all the time, to look good or get ahead;
  • how ‘giving your real opinions can be a career-limiting move (this in a ‘transparency encouraged’ work environment of all places!);
  • how mean people are, because they can be;
  • and finally, how the work world has gone to pot, unchecked.

Why? Is it that folks find it easier to be mean and crazy? Has the world lost it’s humanity? It’s balance? I sure hope not. A long time ago I learned that you open more doors and get much further with sugar versus spice.  Sure it might be more work to be nice but ultimately, Karma is a bitch and I want nothing to do with that bitch.

So, have you been naughty or nice? No matter what,  I challenge you to take a meanness break and stop the insanity. Start by:

  • Reading this book, the definitive guide on the Power of Nice;
  • Commit a random act of kindness at work. Need inspiration? Read this blog;
  • Decide to have a moratorium on meanness and be nice to everyone, even that douche bag who provokes you every day. That’s right, rise above it and go on your merry old way;
  • Plug your nice suggestion here and follow it.

Do you have stories of rising above the meanness around you? Please share as we could all use some inspiration.


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