Quote of the Day via Junot Díaz

Junot Díaz is one of my favorite writers and not just because he is Dominican or has a potty mouth. This guy is the real deal and as transparent as you can get.  I find him not only inspiring but refreshing. I just recently watched this video interview and was SO inspired.  It’s about an hour-long but so worth listening to.

Here is my favorite bit from the video:

“Society wants you to forget and not see…I belong to a practice that has been greatly diminished…Marginalized…Society wants you to be a machine, to compete, to immagine there is only one winner, to accumulate, to be a simple machine….Art demands that you be human….It is no accident that a society that wants to turn everyone into a competitive and a consuming machine is trying to diminish the value of the role of the Arts. Society wants you to accumulate and be competitive…Art demands that you be human. I think that as Artists we are in a situation were we are beleaguered once  again in a different way and we just keep fighting the good fucking fight. I know for a fact that people want to be human, that people want to encounter the human in dance, in a photograph, in a play, a novel. I know for a fact that these things coincide with your internal rhythm, more than telling you to buy that new purse…That shit might make you feel real desirable the way that crack feels to an addict…but you know that shit ain’t you, that is a rhythm that comes from outside of you.”


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