Friday Cravings: Art by Seth B. Minkin: The Bente Box

I love anything shiny, a pretty new purse and things that have the potential to make me fat. My love and consumption of Art might be the only acceptable vice that does my soul good. Loving art by Seth B. Minkin is good for the soul and stimulating for the mind. His whimsical take on animals, food, people and the abstract mentally stimulate and brings out the playful side in me. The best way to put it is that his art is like experiencing a trip without taking illegal drugs. Here is my favorite painting and the first piece I bought from him. You can’t really see the amazing details which include bees and an eye that follows you as you move about the room but even so, the colors and subject are stunning and pop at you:

How amazing is this dude? The name of the painting is Indian.  But now the reason for this blog post: I am fortunate enough to be friends with this maker of soul food and thus I got to witness him finishing his latest masterpiece, the Bente Box. This is a massive scale painting fashioned after inspired by Bento Box and commission by a client in the South of France.

This picture does not convey the scale, awesomeness or intricate detail of this amazing piece. Lucky for you, I have a video of him signing Bente Box. Enjoy!

Want to see more of Seth?

Check out his CBS News Sunday Morning feature which is hilarious and features his studio in Boston’s South End.

Check out the making of Custom Art Bookmarks for the WOM Volume II Book. The video features a killer soundtrack.


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