Product Review: Lexol 1015 Leather Conditioner Spray

Those of you who have dogs (especially multiples) know how much effort it takes to keep a clean house…never mind a leather couch that is clean but also conditioned to prevent cracks. I had become desperate since moving to MT for a product to help maintain my expensive leather couch. Montana has a VERY dry climate that basically breaks everything it can if you don’t take the right preventative measures. I wanted a product to moisturize and revitalize  my couch. I tried a number of conditioners including some organic products that did nothing but smell up the couch. Thanks to Amazon, I discovered Lexol and have been happy with the result. I mean VERY happy. Thrilled.  My Vizsla girls think that the crazy expensive leather couch is all theirs and have done a number on it. Vizslas like to scratch obsessively at any surface they are about to sleep on and you could tell from my couch. This stuff has reconditioned the leather and made it shiny again in areas where I did not think it possible. Also, some of the cracks caused by dryness are less visible. The leather now looks 100% better and there is no nasty smell. Given the price pont (about $8.99 for 16 ounces) and stellar results, I highly recommend this product.


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