AT&T Can’t Be Bothered with Bozeman’s Rape and Crisis Help Center

The Help Center in Bozeman, MT is a 24 hour Crisis Hotline that functions to help individuals and families dealing with a variety of problems, including Rape and Suicide Outreach. 
The center is currently having a MAJOR telecommunications issue because AT&T, a company that bill themselves as “a leader in telecommunication services” on their website, WILL NOT route crisis calls to the Help Center’s Bozeman office. Here is the story: If a person dials 211 for Mental Health/Rape Crisis for help, the phone carrier is supposed to ring to the local help center. Currently, if you have an AT&T phone and are in Bozeman, the 211 help call routes to Great Falls which delays assistance from LOCAL entities and potentially creates more issues, or worse for that already vulnerable person seeking help.  It also places additional burdens on a very busy, overworked and understaffed crisis center to route the call themselves to the Bozeman center. This creates unnecessary and potentially harmful delays the person in need calling for help.  AT&T is simply unwilling to fix this issue. Efforts to motivate AT&T to fix this have fallen on deaf ears and unresponsive AT&T employees, engineers and customer support staff. This situation has dragged on for two+ months now. I am outraged.
Interestingly enough, Verizon fixed this same issue with their service, within 24 hours. Why can’t AT&T do the same? Is it because they don’t care about people with mental health issues? Is it because there is no money to be made by prioritizing this situation? The Center is left with no other logical conclusion, especially given that  211 service, like 911 service, is required by both Federal & State regulations. I am writing this blog in the hopes that my friends and followers will spread the word about this disturbing situation so it can be fixed ASAP.  Please tweet this article and mark your tweets with: @ATTTeamSusan ; @ATTCustomerCare@ATT
and  #Bozeman. Thank you for anything you can do. 

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