Movie Review – The Help

This weekend Jim and I went to see The Help on the big screen.  I loved it!  I felt the movie was beautifully done, the cinematography is lush.  Emma Stone rocks the house as Skeeter, Octavia Spencer is FUNNY and Viola Davis was amazing, as usual. The movie was entertaining, had some lightheartedly funny moments as well as some emotionally intense scenes. The Help made me want to lean more about black maids in the south during that time period. Here  is the trailer:

BTW, The Association of Black Women Historians SLAMMED the movie and book here.  Here is a quote: “The Help distorts, ignores, and trivializes the experiences of black domestic workers. We are specifically concerned about the representations of black life and the lack of attention given to sexual harassment and civil rights activism.” Take a deep breath people and GET OVER IT. The movie is an entertainment vehicle just as the book was written as a FICTIONAL novel.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review – The Help

  1. I agree it seems kind of silly and besides the point for a sociopolitical organization to slam a work of fiction (and really, sexual harassment and civil rights activism? The first wasn’t even addressed in the movie, the second is at the margins).I did think the movie was a little too sentimental.

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