Pepper-Spraying at UC Davis, Occupy Wall Street and Passive Americans

This weekend I learned about the pepper spray attack against UC Davis students by campus police. The video:

Shocking, disturbing, sad, horrific, I am sure you can come up with a few words of your own to describe this police officers actions. That said, I can’t help but think it’s actually amazing that this kind of thing does not happen more often. When was the last time we had anything resembling the Occupy Wall Street movement?  The Vietnam war era. WOW, really? Yeah, really. This police officer was suspended for his behavior. Why was he not jailed?

The UC Davis incident makes me feel that no matter how incoherent the Occupy demonstrators are (with the exception of this guy, Jason Potteiger, interviewed by NPR) this movement is a GOOD thing and we NEED it. I want to see people to get ANGRY and get ACTIVE.  Did you know that in 2008 only 56.8% of the eligible population voted? In 2010, only 37.8% voted. In two short months, the Occupy Wall Street Movement has started a conversation on income and general inequality like we have never had before. Imagine what could happen in 6 months?


5 thoughts on “Pepper-Spraying at UC Davis, Occupy Wall Street and Passive Americans

  1. Hi, Cowgirl.

    Was the UC Davis incident in line with the OWS protest, and concerned with income inequality, or was it about the hikes in tuition? If it was about tuition (and, if it was, more power to them), then they were emboldened by the OWS movement. If it was about income inequality, how? Once again, the OWS movement fails to make a point. They have a valid message, but hardly any strategy to carry it out.


    • Hi Tony!

      Thanks for stopping by here and reading my rants. I could not agree with you more on the OWS movement lacking coherence. However, I also think what has come out of that movement is an important victory for the “99%” People out on the streets protesting is a good thing for a country used to having a “whatever” attitude about so many thing. My understanding about the UC Davis protest is that it was done both in solidarity to the OWS movement and as a protest against tuition hikes. Here is a quote from the Huffington post that I think more eloquently speaks to the issues at hand:

      “All across the country — most recently on the campus of UC Davis — a war is being waged. But this isn’t a battle over parks and tents and sleeping bags. This is a battle about our leaders’ credibility. Indeed, the Occupy movement has been a test — a national MRI — that has allowed us to check-in on the health of our democracy by allowing us to see what’s going on underneath the surface of America’s power structures. And the results are dire. What the movement, and the response to it, has shown is a government almost completely disconnected from those it purports to represent.”
      Either way, thanks for stopping by!

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