Alabama Immigration Laws Fail Farmers While NOT Putting Unemployed American’s Back to Work.

The 2011 Alabama Immigration law has definitely fucked over a number of farmers. Here are some examples:

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  • Jamie Boatwright’s farm in the Chandler Mountain area of Alabama was devastated by the law. He barely finished the season,  with lots a tomatoes rotting on the vine and no pickers. Most of Boatwright’s usual workers left Alabama after the new immigration law went into effect. They went to FL. He is not sure what he will do next year, if he does anything next year. He is unable to start planning the season and estimates he will only plant 20% or so of his 100 acres. He will not be able to pay his bills and wonders how he will take care of his family next season.

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  • Potato farmer Keith Smith hired Americans. It’s not working. If they show up, they are late, work slower or call it quits after a few hours. His farm is in dire straits. He is not sure he will make it.
  • Ellen Jenkins had 50 acres of produce and no one to pick it, after Alabama’s tough new immigration law sent her field hands packing;
  • Jeff Smith grows tomatoes on Chandler Mountain.  His farm usually has 47 people picking tomatoes but his workforce dropped over 50% percent when the court ruling came through. “It’s a huge problem…..Next year, if something’s not put in place, we’ll probably go out of business.”
  • Kim Haynes said he’s lost about half the workers he needs to gather his 25-acre sweet potato crop. He thinks the rest of his hispanic employees will leave.
Per a number of Republicans, one of the reasons for passing this law was to “help American’s get back to work” Hummmm, guess what, assholes? Americans don’t want jobs picking tomatoes, potatoes or blueberries! They haven’t for generations. This law will only close down or greatly reduce farming in Alabama. Let’s call this law what it is,  another stupid idea from xenophobic tea party republicans. File under #bigfail.

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