Gil’s Goods, an Urban Like Food Oasis….in Livingston, Montana

Gil’s Goods is the latest venture by Brian Menges of 2nd Street Bistro and Murray Bar fame. The place took a while to come about, having broken ground in mid 2011. I love 2nd Street and thus have been eagerly anticipated this place.  The wait was well worth it: exposed brick, marble counters, a seating area that includes a beautiful bar (complete w/power stations for your laptops) free wi-fi and world alternative music playing in the background (including one of my favorite singers, Bebe.) Nothing says country and the design is decidedly NOT your typical Montana café with wood as the main construction material…Am I really in Livingston, MT? Amazingly, yes!! Check out the Copper Riveted Overalls sign discovered during construction:

Today was my third time at Gil’s for breakfast and I am pretty happy with all the fat I have consumed.  The croissants are delicious and the coffee is strong. They serve a variety of hearty treats of both the savory and sweet kind. Being the carb whore that I am, this place suits me just fine.  Ever since I moved to Montana, I have searched for a place with amazing baked goods and I must say, I found it in Gil’s Goods. Having spent lots of time in Paris, Fr., I can tell you right now that Gil’s croissants would be proudly served in any bakery there:

In addition to the seating at the bar, Gil’s has seven tables that seat 4. They serve lunch and dinner (amazing wood fired pizza that they also serve at 2nd Street.) While they don’t have a wine and liquor license yet, in typical Montana fashion, you can just cross over to the Murray Bar (connected via a discreet opening) and buy the drink of your choice and bring it over to your table at Gil’s. I love this state.

My understanding is that they will also have carry out dinners. I am very excited  to see this kind of place  open in Livingston, Montana and hope to see more of its kind in the future.


7 thoughts on “Gil’s Goods, an Urban Like Food Oasis….in Livingston, Montana

  1. My first experience at Gil’s Goods: My friend was having an iced coffee, but no to-go cup available and I was not approached to place an order during my 20 minutes at the table.
    My second experience left me to decide to leave when, again, I was not approached to order, we had to get menu’s ourselves and seconds after we left the menu’s disappeared. I’ll never try this joint or the 2 other venture’s again!

    • Hey Dave,

      They definitely have some kinks to work out. The no to go cup of coffee thing is making me nuts. I have not had issues with the service but rather with the availability of product. If you go there real early, sometimes, stuff is still in the oven. Kind of a bummer but I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt as everything seems to be yummy so far….Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog post. Cheers, Rosanna

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