Who is this cowgirl?

#I have a great life. I used to live in Boston and but now I live in Montana and work for an awesome firm called Dissero.com

#I might be the only Dominican living in Montana. For real, YO

#I have awesome friends & family, an AMAZING husband & lots of great animals (three cats, two Vizslas, and four horses)

#I like myself very much and if you don’t like me, I don’t give two shits

#Unlike FOX NEWS, I am mostly fair and balanced

#I am bright, passionate, emotional, intense and don’t have self-esteem issues

#I like to travel

#I went to Simmons College and loved it

#My dog Luna Moon believes she is human. I know my dog Coco Chanel is not

#I am a MAC

#I hate rude people

#Sometimes, kids scare me

#I LOVE the entire Obama clan 

#I hate reality TV but love me a good cop drama

#I am gifted at pissing off Republicans but have been known to be able to work alongside them in harmony

#I hate organized sports in general but do enjoy a game of rugby

#I think most people are crazy

#I am very good at talking back when it is inappropriate to do so

#I love to eat and I want to eat it all, all the time

#I enjoy drinking Pinot Noir, especially Oregon Pinot, my current fav is Soter Beacon Hill

#I am funky and I am fearless

#I play to win or don’t play at all

#If I was a song I would have been written in the 80’s


4 thoughts on “Who is this cowgirl?

  1. I freakin’ love it. I love the unabashed honesty, the provocation, the whole of it. I am glad to have this blog marked as a favorite, and to be part of the people that make you famous.

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