What People Say About Me

People talk about me and occasionally, they put it in writing. You can find more recommendations on my LinkedIn Page. In the meantime, enjoy!

“Rosanna embodies “urgency” — everything is done with focus and speed. She is completely plugged in — leveraging all technologies to meet her objectives. She is flawlessly effective and extremely intelligent. I have no doubt that she could effectively assume any executive level position and be extremely successful. It has been my pleasure to work with her and I look forward to following her career.” by  Sharon Richard RandallDir., Sales Operations, BzzAgent

“Rosanna is one of the finest recruiters and networkers I’ve ever known. She possesses the unique ability to listen to someone’s needs and then works tirelessly to meet and exceed them. I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with Rosanna as both a client and candidate. She is exceptional in her ability to create win-win combinations. Rosanna has my utmost respect and admiration for her admirable ethics and social consciousness.”July 1, 2009 by  Beth Jacobson,

“Rosanna puts any organization in a great light as the initial point of contact between a candidate and the company. She is sharp, intuitive, and conscientious and treats everyone with respect. It’s apparent that she weaves her personal values into her job and I believe that ultimately shines through in her performance as a recruiter. I think she fulfills her mission of bringing “humanity” into the job. Rosanna is amazing!”  by Ellen GillerProject Manager, Genzyme Corp.

“Awesome, Bold, Collaborative, Dedicated, Effective… I could go through the entire alphabet and come up with good words to describe Rosanna. She was responsible for bringing first-quality, talented people to BzzAgent during a time of tremendous growth. She was able to engage candidates for everything from technology and sales to client service, and worked tirelessly to ensure the right matches were made. Rosanna is a unique blend of determination and honesty, professionalism and vivacity. Any company who hires her is getting the very best in recruiting. And, any one who has the chance to work alongside her is very lucky indeed!” by Maria GuerraVice President, Media Services, BzzAgent

“Rosanna is an absolute rock star recruiter! She is the most resourceful, creative, diligent and thorough recruiter I have ever worked with. Rosanna is an extremely well informed and creative problem solver. She knows the marketplace, she always has her “ear to the tracks” – and she instinctively knows a fit when she sees one. Her energy and passion are contagious – and regardless of how you feel about interviewing for a new job, you simply can’t help but get excited about the process when working with Rosanna. Rosanna is a joy to work with!”  by MaryAnn Waring,

“In the last year and a half I’ve had the benefit of working with Rosanna in two different ways:

  1. As a recruit, her direct and personable approach was both refreshing and extremely valuable. It’s clear she is determined to find the best fit for the candidate and organizations she works with.
  2. As part of a small executive team for a quickly-growing technology startup, I’ve reached out to her a number of times for informal counsel on team building and role definition as we build a powerful multinational company. She has been a valuable advisor.

Core to Rosanna is her rich curiosity, her ability to sift through the complex nuances of any functional role, and then migrate/articulate those needs so that both sides of the table can comfortably assess the best fit. As coach and mentor for a company and its recruits, Rosanna has a powerful capacity for building great relationships. Her recruiting abilities are unparalleled, her productivity and mentoring skills are mature, well thought out and effective. She has my highest recommendation.”  by Todd BidaPresident, Poken



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