Here are some interesting facts and figures to get you excited to Get out & Vote!

Did you know that in the 2008 U.S. Election:
  • Only 64% of eligible citizens voted?
  • Only 65.7 % of eligible women voted?
  • Only 61.5 % of eligible men voted?
  • Only 49.9 % of eligible Latinos voted?
  • Only 47.6 % of eligible Asians voted?
  • Only 64.7 % of eligible African-Americans voted? And by the way, this was the highest turnout for this group, ever.
  • Only 48.5 % of those aged 18-24 voted?
Another interesting set of facts: The more educated you are, the more likely you are to vote. For example, for those with the highest level of education in our country, 82% of that demographic got out and voted. Of registered voters with less than a high-school education, only 39.4% of those with NO H.S. Diploma voted.

This has been a highly charged election and many voters are sick of the rhetoric. While everyone is entitled to tune out, no one should opt out of voting.  Remember, this election is not just about a new president, it is also about many important measures that will affect your daily life.

Here is a sampling of what issues you will find on state ballots across the nation:

  • Healthcare – Would prohibit mandatory participation in any health care system (many states)
  • Increased Taxes – (many states)
  • Food Regulations – Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food (California)
  • Marijuana – Legalize recreational use, limit medical use (many states)
  • Hunting – Would add to the state constitution the right to hunt and fish. (many states)
  • Guns – Adds constitutional protections to state gun rights, hunting and fishing rights (many states)
  • Marriage / Gay Rights – overturn ban on gay marriage (Maine)
  • Assisted Death – Would establish an “Act Relative to Death with Dignity”. (MA)
  • Corporations / Business – Granting  person-hood rights to Corporations (many states)
  • Environment / Energy -Would mandate that 25% of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2025.(Michigan)
  • Marriage – Ban same sex marriage (Minnesota)
  • Immigration – Denial of services to non-citizens (many states)

The bottom line is, if you want your opinion to be heard, get out and VOTE on November 6th!


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